How t Improve Vocabulary

This article will spell out how to find, learn, and use, ostentatious words so other people will kick up their estimates of the level of your intelligence. And here is a little secret: If you can learn to utilize words of this ilk, you doubtless are pretty sharp to begin with.
1. Become actively receptive to new words. Every time you read, there are opportunities to increase your vocabulary. Don’t ignore these opportunities.
2. Read more. Once you leave school, you won’t get new word drills and reading will become a cornerstone of building your vocabulary repertoire.
3. Add the new words you meet in your reading to your own vocabulary. When you see an unfamiliar word in a book, magazine, manual, etc., do not skip over it impatiently. Instead, pause for a moment and say it to yourself. Get used to its sound and its appearance.
4. Write more. The more you write, the more your vocabulary increases as you’re forced into a position of expanding your word usage to convey precisely what it is that you wish to get across to the reader.
5. Read the dictionary. Expanding your vocabulary will always be improved by regularly diving into the dictionary and reading entries for words you aren’t yet familiar with. This requires the ownership of a quality dictionary to make it more interesting,

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